Ketogenic Baked Goods

We have now added a nut-free Keto lineup to our delicious selection of sweets!

Whether you're wanting Ketogenic desserts for weight control, diabetic management, or simply cutting sugar, we have a selection for you. Keto also benefits people with high cholesterol and helps control appetite by reducing cravings.

Please note that any custom decorated ketogenic sweets need at least seven (7) days' notice for us to complete.

Macros are available in-store.


Cupcakes: $4.75 each

Muffins: $4.75 each

Brownies &Squares: $5.75 each

Nanaimo Bars: $5.75 each

Cake Donuts: $4.75 each

Mini Cheesecakes: $4.75 each

Mix & match 6 cupcakes, muffins, donuts or cheesecakes for $26

Cake slices: $6.50 each